The increased understanding of cannabis as a medicine is becoming widely known or rediscovered by many. It has always been a staple food and industrial source of life sustaining elements such as essential oils and fibers that can be used for nearly anything. Many people don’t know that industrial hemp has one of the highest levels of CBDs that have recently been determined to have a great deal of the regenerative effects that plants carry. In the United States it was considered a medicine by physicians until the name changed to Marijuana and the propaganda explosion occurred “refer madness”. An old ten dollar note is pictured with industrial hemp being farmed as it was considered patriotic to grow hemp. Well there is a great use for these kinds of fibers and a great need for the type of plant this is. Phytoremediation is what we use when we talk about grey water gardens and natural filtering systems. This is also a method tested at the radioactive sites at Chernobyl.
Different plants are able to absorb various levels of toxins such as heavy metals and radioactive materials from the earth and the ground water. if these industrial hemp are not intended fro consumption they are fast growing plant variety that consume much of what the earth doesn’t need and produce a great deal of rich vegetation and oxygenation cleaning the atmosphere of high concentrations of green house gasses. The uses of this plant and its sisters are endless. be open to its grace and beauty.

Nerve Tissue Regeneration Confirmed…

Hey there I received some fantastic news the other day from someone very dear to my heart. She noted that her doctors were unsure of how this had happened but a nerve that had been surgically removed was actually growing back…

Many medical cannabis patients use the medicine for nerve pain issues and spasmodic complaints. I remember in schools we were initially taught that nerves, once damaged don’t grow back. Then in college they told us that they don’t grow back but they can create new connections and pathways to make up for damaged areas. I have been open to new research and continue to wait for this to hit mainstream but actual nerve regeneration. One of my students she calls the little Kahuna, said it was a combination of my medicine and our magical connection that we share when building that shamanic energy. It is truly strong and I believe in it with all of my soul, but I think that the medicine would help others too, lol. The love and power that is given to the medicine from its inception builds as the lifecycle continues. But it is evident that the power of not only symptom management but also regeneration of dead or missing tissues are possible as well. the fountain of youth…well there are 488 medicinal substances within the oils of the plant to begin with…could it be? One molecule to allow a nerve to branch, one to make it grow, one to make it fire, one to let it flow…
Cannabinoids and nerve regeneration or neurogenesis

The hottest topic there is…

Have a second look…


Medical cannabis is in the headlines all over these days…Medical cannabis is one of the most researched and publicized topics in the world right NOW.  Pharmaceutical companies are trying to figure out what to do with all 488 components to this medicine.  The US government has patents listing its many proven healing capabilities, and the State of California has established University of California: Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research.  (

There are also branches for research in Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Hawaii, and Colorado. (

Research has expanded and is taking off due to the growing support and requests of patients like you.  Topics of research have expanded but are not limited to AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Chronic muscle spasms, Chronic Pain, Crohn’s Disease, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, GERD, Glaucoma, Hepatitis, IBS, Migraines, MS, Nausea, Neuropathy, and Parkinson’s to name a few.  The list keeps expanding.  If you have issues with any of these illnesses, especially if your current treatment is ineffective or the medicine has more harmful side effects than you desire try asking you doctor about medical cannabis.  Personally I have been a Counselor for the State of California for years, I am the CEO of a local Medical Cannabis Mutual Benefit Collective and I can give testimony for my own symptoms and that of my family.  This Miracle Medicine has helped for everything I have tried it for and everything I have recommended it for use of our patients.  There is a reason it has been used as a medicine since thousands of years before Christ and a staple food supply for humans during Paleolithic times.  It has been noted to be necessary for proper human growth and development as natural cannabinoids are made by humans and are found in human breast milk.



Many of the states are gearing up for medical programs and few states that have legalized cannabis consumption for recreational use.  Of these endeavors, Colorado and Washington states have legalized cannabis recreationally and reports show that it is being viewed in the business world as the next major commodity for agricultural trade on an open market.  California will be gearing up as well to push for the recreational legalization of cannabis use on the next ballot.  We voted it down last time to maintain rights for medical patients, however, with the newly marketed industries looking at new products and government agencies looking for ways to tighten up regulation and improve tax revenue it’s highly likely it will pass this time around.  We believe this to be a good thing.  (

Many people grew up taught that cannabis or marijuana is a bad thing, a gateway drug…The truth is cannabis has been a medicine for much longer than it hasn’t been.  It was the target of propaganda and prohibition set up by the larger industries of paper products and big tobacco.  Ricky Lake just released a new documentary called “Weed the People” focused on cancer in children (–an-intro-to–weed-the-people—by-ricki-lake-165741433.html)

The US government is allowing studies for our armed forces veterans to use medical cannabis for PTSD.  (

TSA has released a statement that allows cannabis patients travel with their personal medicine.  (

Be open minded and educate yourselves.  So many people that have opposed cannabis who actually started to look into its power have since changed their perspective…won’t you.  (

Please contact us to set up a consultation and get more information about our organization if so interested. 

Way of the Sun

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Cannabis Cures…

A Medical Doctor I heard talk one time refers to my Sacred Medicine as “Homeostatin”.  This same MD reminded me of the power of the naturally grown vegetable matter of the plant which other teachers have shown me previously.  Yet to hear a MD talk about my sacred medicine as if it were a necessary part of life and human development was outstanding and helped to shift my own perspective.  We as medicine men have grown and hid in the shadows of our secrecy.  A secret order of Medicine Men and Women who have dedicated our lives to the natural healing of all the world.  We have hidden and lurked waiting for the general population and propaganda perpetuators to ease their manipulation and for truth to be revealed.

This MD refers to Cannabis as homeostatin because it naturally seeks out mutated cells in the body.  Cannabis avoids healthy cells and when it finds a mutated cell it wraps it in transmutational love preventing it from growing, feeding, replicating and destroying us from the inside out.  It shields the rest of us from the harmful effects of these free radicals.  It has a perfect balance of amino acids and essential oils necessary for proper human growth and development and allows us to develop and evolve while protecting us from many of the harmful things we continue to put into our environment.

I myself have survived great ordeals and near death experiences because of this sacred medicine. We are on a roll, look out cant stop it now. we have shed that fourth world of fear and illusion and press on forward into uncharted territory. we are free to be who we need to become. We are the Way of the Sun. website coming soon with products, services and educational opportunities as well as cultivator network and distribution of all natural products and legal cannabis medicines to thousands of patients who need it.
watch this video please. one of many that reveal truth of the science.

here’s a little addition to the mix. the US has patents on medical cannabis but try to make us look like criminals

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I was right again…

I was right again.  The rain came the day after planting.  It drives the energy from the sky and downloads the information.  We ingest the sacred plants so that that knowledge can shift the genomes in our bodies without a glitch.  Prolonged use makes the body grow lighter.  I am documented as lighter than I was when I graduated high school.  The roots chase the flow and twine down below with the others to share their magic hidden from sight.  You can see it if you can look close enough, not with a magnifier but threw the eyelashes in soft focus.  The energy is shared between the plants, earth, air and water to generate the uplifting when applying the fire.  The information and energy, the male and female, the positive charge with one negative, the parings are many not just a few, the yin and the yang twirling about creating the spin without a doubt.


When the sun shine is ready it warms up the earth and we reach for the star light appreciating its worth.  The man, just like plant, we take the time to face the sun, open your hearts and breath in the life carried on the wind, let it fill your mind heart and spirit with the essence of ihi dahi, prana, or mana whatever you call it.  The breath of life opens the windows to eternal life, the generators come on, they are powering up; the transition doesn’t have to be so tough.  Give yourself up to me and let me flow, with you twined to me as one, I move free as the wind or sacred smoke on the air with secret prayers that are carried to Yusn’s Lodge no need to go further.  At Home I feel among the breeze and trees.  I smell the clean in the air as the rain has washed out all despair.  It has provided hope and confusion.  Listen with your heart and follow my lead to a better life and a new seed.  A cosmic baby conceived in a dream by two dragon lovers true to each other indeed.  I am writing now about the Ah Kine.  The seed from the stars, the seed of our dreams, we are the star children alive and well, regaining balance before it goes to hell.


Awaken and learn the true purpose in life.  Together we will rise above the sights set long ago by all the great minds past and present.  We will live a new message of peace and spiritual growth.  Just as my plants grow toward the light of the sun and moon so will your spirit begin to fully bloom.  Follow the rhythm of our twine and soon you will see how it is remarkably divine.


Tracking the energy…

Wow doing this again…we track the energy and make it known. Why does my phone click when I talk to certain people my texts and emails don’t go threw and get lost in the void created by who knows who? We have been in contact with the Devine and knowledge gets sent on hyper lines of superhighway energy beams direct from the source. We don’t need to be linked in or on face book or twitter, we are the link to get in. We drive the energy and build it up as we give it freely without greed. The power up from the interaction is guaranteed. Salt water batteries and energy coils built in basements and work sheds all over. We test the frequencies and track the energies. We know what to do and they know too. They keep their secrets from the public view. Like a secret society withholding, but instead of care to protect against misuse and abuse they horde the lot and pretend there’s no use for it.

The power is there is there in the air and all around. No matter what they do it will be found. The universe is electrified with energy, the most abundant kind built from love and flows and bounds to the corners of the universe in bands of separated charge. Bound in the dance there are always two twin particles like me and you. The clouds of energy blanket the sacred valleys and ambient energy is received and rooted into the earth. In the clouds our guides disguise their peaks of viewing. A false matrix people are wrapped in they believe the brain washing of the general media. Why is it harder to have faith in the possible than to have to prove that it’s not. Like power built on a lie, more and more deceit to hide the lies. Corrupted and dead to the senses the more you do it the easier it is until they don’t believe what they do is wrong, a way of life. Walk I the light with me, have no fear and no illusion.

I walk the land and track the earths cycles, seasons are early time to plant the rains are coming have to act fast. Before the new moon so the roots get down then Thrust up new growth with the wax of the moon. Follow the energy of the tide and you’ll see that between you and me is a we. We act in accordance with the love of all life and it relieves all the strife. They can’t stop the natural powers that flow from within the earth and the center of all things a band of energy creating vortex that is the galaxy.

I take off my glasses they gave me to see with such intensity to view the world threw natural eyes. The softest blur brings about the merge that shows the beauty in all that serves. The apricots and almonds the plums fragrance so sweet I wait on the cherries until another week. The paper whites and the yellow clovers with white Cala lilies and purple princess flowers. I am ready to plant what will be ours. I will add to the garden the double dream so we can vision and travel unseen on etheric energy beams. I will bring us to the Hindu Kush one that hold ceremony with us in the high altitude of Taos. I will add the blue dream for those who like to scream about popular brands and name drop headband. I will add to my garden the yoni flower of life that brings balance to the highs and lows and brings euphoria to light. I will add the purple AK-47 for those who need to sleep. It brings in the coma if you sleep under the cola. It reminds me of shiva the god of higher knowledge and the stories of how he came to know the plant. I thought I would go back and try to recreate but this one is better and played into by fate. Creators way of guiding my day showing us the signs along the way. I love you. Stay I the flow of goodness at heart the shadow gamers will all fall apart.

A River of Rain…

The flow of energy surges from pole to pole.  Not north and south but east and west.  The river of rain flows across the pacific ocean from Hawaii to Cali called the “Pineapple Express” and dumps its rain on the SF Bay area.  A long period of drought.  A short light rain.  Not out of the dark but not standing in the sunlight either.  Persistent rain, biblical catastrophe?  I think not.  A gentle transition is in order.  As galaxies with giant black holes at their center come together, there’s no big crash, bang, or boom.  Its a dance that slowly spins and swings everything round and round until rhythm and harmony is found. 
Like the single drop of water splashing down on the pond, it creates a ripple, reverberates back on itself and magically it jumps out of the larger body and falls majestically back into the rhythm of All That Is sending its wave out into the larger body to inspire the motion of the rest.  As the rain continues, the ponds flurry with life, bubbles and waves and currents, and the drops dance and splash atop the waters surface.  Those who know, look and see.  The smell of what will be emerges from the deep.  A kind of freshness fills the air.  Planting season is near.  Time to prepare the beds that they will share.  Turn the soil and loosen the dirt.  Letting the air and water penetrate deep.

I see the earthworms wriggle and squirm moving around in the mud and on the sidewalks.  The rains chase them out, and as the water subsides the worms will follow.  Anyone like to fish?  Red crawlers that come out of the clay are the best kind to catch a fish to eat or to compost your biodegradable waste.  The redepository where Fall’s material gets placed, becomes the garden in Spring with smiles on our face.  As the rain subsides the worms will follow, eating falls waste, the food for tomorrow.  I will plant my garden after the last frost and maintain its love all the way across the year to the other side when the end is near.  Like four poles holding up time and space I fell your energy and it hurts my face.  I smile so hard when you are near filling my space with your blessed cheer.  I can smell the odor like a fine perfume.  I get compliments on the aroma all the time.  “What a loud cologne your wearing where can I buy that?”  Not at Macy’s or the Nordstrom for that matter.   Maybe you can ask the Mad Hatter.  Giggly is he because he blows the trees, the sacred plants they call weeds. 

It gives a different perspective.  Tibetan priests say it “Lightens the body with prolonged use” so I may drift away to find the power, a trim for the cure, love finds its way to transmute the illness with light at its core.  We do the math and create the science of doing things naturally with balance and power.  We take the potions and make the rest for all to heal, conjured and partnered with the best of all essence and zeal.  We place the seed we make the clone we plant the plant and transplant again we control the weather inside and ride the wave out.  Finding the cycle, that rhythm of time, that matches with the earth’s twine.  The sun peaks up in the air so fine the rays of light, shine baby shine.  Filling the females with love so Devine they flower and flower and smell better than a fine wine.  The aroma alone has my teachers in aw the medicine is so smooth a feeling of calm.  To be centered in your own heart, loving the creation of it all from the start.

The last dragon of the fourth world leaves at the end of March.  A shift in time, place, and roles.  The world will never be the same again.  Apprentice, to fellow, to master.  Hum the world and cure the soul sickness.  Ah-Kine, its time to remember its time to be heard.




Masters inner thoughts…we are the way

Training as a child I do remember.  Swirling around pull up bars like acrobats.  Hanging from our feet like vampire bats.  Discipline and commitment being more meaningful as a man, training as a kid seemed like just plain fun.  A chance to emulate ancient warriors in epic battle.  Growing older we learn that the only true battle is the one that rages on inside ourselves.  Fingers jabbing into the rocks running on the sands, training the mind so that the body will bend to its will.  Channeling the flow from within.  Stillness within brings peaceful waters of emotion to extinguish the fears that have held on and anchored me for years.  I can hang, can you?

Been training from birth, for the time we will spend after.  What does it take to be a monk?  To release your fears and fly my spirit kite on the winds of change that harden the body and ease the soul.  To let the spirit flow free on the wind that blows forth from the vision sent by creation, encapsulated by the physical body hard as steel, flexible as bamboo.  To break threw the wall or bend in the breeze.  Loving masters fear with ease.

The shield and protector shielded again by multiple layers of energy fields that demonstrate “the force”.  Training to stand, stand in power, stand in balance, to root into the earth like the great tree of life and to reach for the heavens without the perception of limitations.  Give and take, sway to and fro.  Practice makes perfect, I don’t think so.  Perfect practice makes perfect habits.  Grounded to the earth, rooted deep or light like a feather, lifted to the stars.  The control is within you.

The fast and easy way forms loose foundations susceptible to collapse.  The knowledge and skill flows through, a gift from creation to me and you.  Expand the self, holding all that is in your heart keeps the fire burning within.  Transmutation of fear to power and confidence.  A new reality birthed from metal strength and unwavering faith in the power of love.  Never really aborted just put on pause until the day of worthiness is upon us.

In all sacred valleys of the world the masters dance and flow in the rhythm that generates the force in the cradle of creation we take the magic potion.  No more distractions, perseverance paves the road for all to travel with ease so that we all reach the final destination, created equal, created sacred.  Love, beauty and strength hold the cosmos in balance. 

If we waiver we don’t fall, we wobble and shimmy but balance regained.  The universe has a way of handling business all on its own.  Settle in from the splash down the wave is at its end before the reverberations begin again.  The birth of a new life from the transitions of old ones once separated.  Time and space overlapped, bridge achieved.  Hold the energy, hold the space, the vortex where we connect.  Crown to Crown, king and queen, illusions a thing of fourth world dynamics I cant even define anymore.

Coming together has been a journey spanning all time.  Duality shifted to unity, truth be told, We Are The Way.

From Apprentice to Master

The Yin Factor


It requires you to have discipline. Commitment.
It requires you to be able to find the stillness within yourself.
That place within you that will show you all of your inner most fears.
That place within you that will hold nuances you didn’t even know you had.

That place within you that will tell you what you really think about yourself.
Can you hang?


What does it take to be a monk?
What does it take to be love?
Nurturing, feeding it just the right elements, at just the right time.
Like training a mind or a muscle.
It is all the same.


The amazing feats come with patience, practice & integrity.
Short cuts simply will not due.
Magic is not a spell to spew illusion.
It is a wonder gifted from higher, more expansive places within.
A precious life form newly birthed.
Aborted only in doubt and inner conflict.

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The vision comes thru…

Three mountains in the background floating in the clouds.  you sit in the silence pointing to the earth like a great buddah at the point of his enlightenment.  Your reach touches all things but it searches for me.  

The connection is made and to your right the sun rises and shines from behind you and lights the fields of sunflowers that bathe me in their glory.  To your left the moon and night sky are brilliantly beautiful.  The time of two lights will be upon us and the ceremony begins.  You hand me a sacred challis filled with the the magic potion of love and life immortal bringing into balance the fire within.

The challis sends waves of energy threw to the cosmos in all directions vibrating the unseen into the seen and sharing with me the hidden mystery and wonder of all that is.  We drink and drink and the challis remains of fullest capacity, an eternal elixir of love that feeds and nourishes the spirit and heart when the tone of voice is loving and true the vision comes thru you.